The key – an article of everyday use – is transformed into a piece of jewellery with an individual and sophisticated design, making it a valuable that reflects the personality of its owner. The creativity of the design, partly with moving diamonds, is just as fascinating as the precision of the work.

The different designs are based on three motifs: the labyrinth, the circle and the band. The jewel keys of this limited edition are made in perfect craftsmanship from the most exquisite precious metals and gemstones – gold, platinum and diamonds. Their designs combine the straightforward sobriety of our times with a playful lightness.

The outer form of the jewel keys is defined by the typical circular shape of the key head in which the motifs of the labyrinth, the circle and the band are embedded. All ornaments are identical on both sides. The keys themselves are made of the highest grade of stainless steel.



Die teuersten Schlüssel