Beauty and function

The key spurs our imagination and has never lost its fascination in thousands of years. It is full of symbolism and epitomizes temporal and eternal power, unlocks the pearly gates, opens the door to freedom or to rooms full of concealed knowledge – or to the heart of your beloved. Locks were constructed as early as 3000 BC, and where there is a lock, there is a key. With its "1840" brand, CES combines this rich symbolism in these jewel keys with the expertise of state-of-the-art security engineering.


The outer form of the jewel keys is defined by the typical circular shape of the key head in which the motifs of the labyrinth, the circle and the band are embedded. All ornaments are identical on both sides. The keys themselves are made of the highest grade of stainless steel. 

Each key is crafted individually for a premium locking cylinder meeting highest security demands – a perfect combination of beauty and function

To manufacture this bespoke cylinder, measurements are taken on site and the completed cylinder is then installed professionally by the manufacturer.